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Pool Fences / Gates / Fences
Pool Fences
Custom Pool Fence - Iron Scroll of Yuma         Iron Scroll of Yuma is proud to build the finest pool fence you'll ever own. Many pools have a curved pool deck that adds aesthetics and style to their home. Buying a pool fence from your local big-box building supply store limits you too straight line fencing. At Iron Scroll we start by building the fence to look exactly like you want, then we bring the fence along with our specialized equipment to your house and match the curvature of the fence to the edge of your pool deck. You'll never find that much attention to detail with a big-box retailer or their installers.

        All pool fences include one self-closing gate which can have a non-locking latch or an optional double lock box so when you're not there nobody's in your pool. Some other ironworking shops just powder coat their fences, but Iron Scroll applies a baked-on epoxy primer before powder coating everything we do.

Iron Gates
Custom Iron Gate - Iron Scroll of Yuma        Whether you're allowing foot traffic or vehicles onto your property, Iron Scroll of Yuma can build the custom iron gate to match your home's color and style.

        We can make single-gate pedestrian gates up to three feet wide. Double gates can be up to fourteen feet wide. Our custom built gates are made from scratch to match the custom made fences they're attached to. Everything from the style and appearance of the gate to the color of the powder coating can be designed around your home for the perfect match.

        Sliding gates allow easy access for authorized vehicles. We can install them as manually opened or automatic. The automatic gates have a variety of control types to match your needs: visor and keychain remotes; proximity sensing automatic openers; and drive-up keypad controls. Whatever your need, Iron Scroll of Yuma can create and install the gate that completes your home. Sliding gates can be made up to thirty feet long.
Sliding Gate Property Security

Perimeter Fences
Perimeter Gate Custom Home Fence        To protect your property while keeping the feel of home, a custom made iron fence can outline your property and keep unwanted intruders off your land. We can create a variety of iron gates to control where and how people enter your property. Like all of our products, our fences are built from scratch, welded and sand blasted, then sprayed with baked-on epoxy primer and powder coated with the color of you choice.Business Security Custom Fence

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