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Custom Metal Fabrication
Custom Metal Fabrication
Custom Metal Fabrication Iron Scroll of Yuma        Whatever your project may be, we have the tools and skills to build your metal framework. We can cut any gauge iron or steel using computer controlled equipment. We have a complete set of tools for manipulating metal. We're equipped with welders and sand blasters to prepare the metal for finishing. We can primer and powder coat the metal as needed for your project.

Welding Services
        Whether it's a quick repair or assembly of components you made, our skilled welders can provide you with the strong, clean welds you need. If you need it put together, come by the shop and we'll
Sand Blasting Metal Iron Scroll of Yumafix you up.

Sand Blasting
        If you've got corroded metal that needs to be restored to like-new appearance, bring it to our shop and we'll hit it with the sand blaster for you. We can abrade rusty and corroded metal down the shiny pure metal underneath, making the surface suitable for welding, painting, or powder coating. If you're doing a restoration project, we can make short work of preparing corroded parts.

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